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TLT is a production house that creates original pieces, music, dance, podcast, vlogs, and documentaries
all related to Tap DaNcE.

Tap Love Tour Productions

Coming Soon in 2024
Restorative Culture: Johnathan Morin

The Interviews
The YouTube Series that started it all. From 2013-2015, we interviewed some of our favorite Tap Dancers to contribute to the oral tradition. Check it out.

TLT Podcast
The Tap Love Tour Podcast features interviews with luminary dancers, musicians, writers and artists that contribute to Tap Dance.

The Mars Project
In December 2022,
(with support by Fall for Dance North through the 2021-22 National Creative Exchange Project, CanDance Creative Exchange) we gathered a team of inspiring creatives to imagine life on Mars.  We look forward to continuing the research to bring this to the stage.

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